Writing Movie Roundup

When I was a kid, I loved classic movies--bonus points if there were musical numbers with dancing or Esther Williams involved--and romantic comedies. As an adult, my tastes haven't changed all that much. Aside from adding "anything with Dwayne The Rock Johnson" and many foreign language films to my go-to list, I have one category of film I can't seem to get enough of: movies about writers.

I think perhaps it is in part because writing is sort of a solitary task (especially if you are a shy introvert like I am) and there are some parts of the process that are difficult to share. There's something cathartic about watching another writer struggle and triumph onscreen. Unlike lists of best action movies or rom coms, writer movies can be a bit harder to unearth. I thought I'd put together my top list of movies about writing. Most of my top picks don't make the lists you'll find on IMDB, but they're my favorites, nonetheless.

Confession: all of these movies are also love stories too. You're welcome. ;)

What are you favorite movies about authors and writing?

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